From scribing stories in the pornography industry to documenting the wines of the Piedmont region, Mike Edison’s storied career crosses both the lowbrow and highbrow. This is an eventful year for the man on the music journalism front with the recent announcement of his fifth book, Sympathy For The Drummer – Why Charlie Watts Matters, due out November 1.

Edison, a drummer at heart before becoming a multi-instrumentalist, describes this book as a book he wanted to write as a young kid. Sympathy For The Drummer – Why Charlie Watts Matters outlines the importance of Watts’ prowess to The Rolling Stones legacy and rock music as a whole. Edison emphasizes below about the book’s nature.

“When I was 14, I wanted to write this book. It was the year I first began playing drums. Ironically, Keith Moon was my first great inspiration in part [due] to hitting everything in sight and blowing up his kit. I’m a sucker for giant smoke bombs. However, the Stones were always my favorite. I realized how deep Charlie’s drumming went once I began playing along with Sticky Fingers, and later, Some Girls. It seems simple if you’re not listening, but it’s impossible to cop. It’s all feel, very loose and greasy. The Stones have this whole groove thing, and you could dance to it. The Who, you couldn’t dance to—The Stones were a lot closer to rock n’ roll than The Who. Charlie did a lot with a little, and that’s what this book is about, the difference between rock and roll. The ROLL is the critical part; Keith Richards says it all the time, it’s the heart and soul of the Stones, the swing, and Charlie is the reason why. Keith wouldn’t flow without Charlie, and he’s the first to say so, both move in very sexy ways. Rock gets pretty ponderous pretty fucking fast without the roll.” 

Sympathy For The Drummer – Why Charlie Watts Matters is Edison’s follow up to his 2016 memoir You Are A Complete Disappointment: A Triumphant Memoir of Failed Expectations

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