Drummer and principal songwriter of The Ergs! Mikey Erg just announced his second full-length album. Dropping on July 27 through Don Giovanni Records,  Waxbuilt Castles is Erg’s biggest project yet.

The sophomore record is drawing inspiration from the experimental prog-rock boom; the transition from pop-punk to 70s pop was an arduous task.

Erg expressed that he had to teach himself how to train his vocals for this record, saying, ” ‘It was funny to have to rethink the way I sang a lot of the songs. I had to get used to hearing my voice without this white noise behind it, masking it.’” Lyrically the album is an extension of his previous work, while technically its production is more organic and loose, creating a DIY auditory landscape. Erg released the first single, “Clueless or Cruel,” and it gives a taste of the direction the album is going in.

Erg is working on expanding his horizons by pushing himself to new heights, and he’s proving himself as one of the best songwriters in the scene right now. “Waxbuilt Castles” drops on July 27 and will be available to stream on all platforms.

Preorder the album here.

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