Mixtape Saints will release their single “Heartbreak, Radio, Cars And Rain” on August 18, 2017 through Disconnect Disconnect Records. The release will be made available through all major digital download/streaming outlets.

To celebrate the release the band shall be playing a collection of dates and the single will coincide with the release of their lyric video.

In more awesome news, later this month the band will record their contribution towards their split record release with North Carolina, USA band Wolvesx4 (Gunner Records/Wiretap Records), who they toured the UK with back in September 2016.

Mixtape Saints released their Bright Lights/Burned Out EP via Little Rocket Records last September and their self-released Heavy Water EP (which can be downloaded as PWYW here) in 2013.

Sometimes acoustic, sometimes electric; sometimes full band, sometimes solo; Mixtape Saints play punk rock soul.

Based in the Middle of the Midlands in the UK, Mixtape Saints began in the Spring of 2012 as a new project for songwriter/guitarist Sam Moloney. After a run of solo shows and the release of demo tracks later that year, Mixtape Saints became a full band in 2013 and began working on a series of new songs that would culminate in the release of a 4-track EP Heavy Water in November.

The EP generated positive reviews from both the media and the UK Punk Scene and led to Mixtape Saints receiving radio play both in the UK on the BBC, and internationally on several American and European Stations together with a run of tours & festival appearances.  In follow up to Heavy Water, Mixtape Saints released their well received acoustic EP titled Bright Lights/Burned Out.

Fueled by coffee; cigarettes, and conversations about Buddy Holly and following their touring with Wolvesx4 in September 2016 and Arms & Hearts in May 2017 the band will enter the studio again in July 2017 to record their contribution to their split with Wolvesx4 to be release later in the year.

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