Interview with The Moms vocalist/guitarist Joey Nester
By John B. Moore | Photo by Joseph Vulpis

Sometimes, housesitting has its perks: you can live in a better neighborhood for a few weeks, stay in a bigger house, and occasionally find time to pull together your next album. “The songs for this EP were written in early 2015 while I was housesitting for my neighbor,” says Joey Nester, vocalist and guitarist for the New Jersey trio, The Moms. “She was down in Florida, and we had set up a rehearsal space in her basement where we would jam a few nights a week. Ten songs came out of that batch.”

The band culled those 10 songs down to six for their latest, the Snowbird EP, which dropped Sept. 16 via Bar/None Records.

As Jersey kids, signing to a label crammed with history, which also happens to be local was a nice boon for the band. “It is great knowing that Bar/None is a Jersey label,” Nester says. “We consider ourselves proud to be from this state—not sure why—and it is nice to join forces with a label that also takes pride in that fact. Not to mention, it is a luxury having the label office a half an hour away.”

The Moms were also able to keep it local by working with The Bouncing Souls’ Pete Steinkopf as their producer. “We met Pete at a party several years ago, and that night, we swore that we would make a record with him,” Nester says. “Years later, [I Am The Avalanche drummer and producer] Brett [Romnes] had invited us to come see Barber Shop Studios, a very nice studio that’s not far from our home in Morristown. We reached out to Pete to see if he would be interested in teaming up with Brett to work on the record, and he was glad to join the team. Being in the studio with the two of them was a lot of fun, and they made us feel very comfortable, which is a priority in recording.”

Despite just putting out Snowbird, The Moms have already demoed 30 songs, and they plan on heading back to The Barber Shop Studios this winter. Until then, they plan on doing some light touring over a few long weekends.

“We have been pretty quiet for a while now, but fans can expect a whole lot more activity in the coming months,” Nester says. “New shows, videos, music, comics, and merchandise will all be coming down the pike in the near future. In the meantime, we’re just keeping busy writing music in our basement and making sure the RV is in working order!”

Purchase Snowbird here.


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