Seemingly out of the blue Monashee appear on the scene. The alternative metal band celebrated the signing on Redfield Records with the single “Follow The Colours” and knows to impress with a sound that is both unique and catchy. In line with their young and modern sound, Monashee want to leave their (musical) past behind and rather talk about the present and the future.

Today, we’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Monashee’s music video for their second single “Split” (watch it below). Also, read the first ever interview with the band below and see how loving and adoring they are to be entering this world of music.

How does it feel making your debut to the world, what expectations do you have going forward?

It’s simply an amazing feeling for all of us that the project we started a long while ago now is ready to be shown to the world. Now everybody can hear and see where we’ve put all our efforts, passion and work in. It fills us with great joy to receive all this positive feedback by the people out there, that they like what we’ve put out so far. What we’re really looking forward to right now are the reactions to our second output ‘Split’. In contrast to ‘Follow The Colours’ it is a more straight and harder song. Our expectations for the future are simple – we want to go out on the stage, play as many shows as possible and have the best of times with all you lovely people out there.

Tell us how it was to take your sound and place a visual on top of it for the video.

Behind every song there’s a story, something we thought about, and a video is the perfect way to add something special to this story. ‘Follow The Colours’ describes the urge of everyone to do what it feels to be the right thing, keep looking forward, concentrate on your goals and do everything you can to reach them – even if it means you have a long way to go. We think that the locations and the atmosphere of the video are a great addition to the song. In case of ‘Split’ we thought about adding a video that captures the sometimes dark, dirty and hard fight you have with your inner self.

Music is a very community based scene, how has the community surrounding you helped you create art?

We’ve been hanging around in the metal and hardcore scene for some years now, we’ve been to countless shows and met great people. When you’re writing songs, all your experiences flow into this process, if you want or not. It is the great cohesion in this scene, the positivity and love of the people that surely influenced our process of writing these songs. We hope to give some of this back and people will have a great time listening to our music.

What’s the next step and where do you hope to see yourselves?

After releasing ‘Split’ we’ll focus on planning and playing a lot of shows, get out of the rehearsal room and work our asses off. You’ll maybe hear a third song before our first full-length record will be put out. We will enjoy every single minute of this and be grateful to everyone who listens to our stuff.

Last words?

First we want to thank our label Redfield Records for the continuous support and of course thank you all for listening to our music, from the deepest of our hearts.

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Monashee cannot name direct influences on their sound. Guitarist Rob Krings described: “There is an individual set-up for every member of the band. There are no defined role models that we try to sound like but all the influences from different musical genres have their own subconscious role in the songwriting, I guess.”

Monashee don’t content themselves with being one-dimensional, this is about being variable and the unification of apparent opposites: “Inner conflicts, breakout of the daily routine – it’s about following your own goals, without knowing where the journey will take you. All things are the same, even when you look at them from different an- gles.”

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