Moonboots Stream New Album, Release Show This Saturday at Bunkhouse

Lo-fi punk/alt rock band Moonboots are streaming their debut, self-titled EP starting today on The EP was recorded in two studios across Las Vegas.

According to drummer Ryan Brunty: “Ron Corso invited us to record The Omen at 11th Street Records, to test out his gear over there. It was such a blast seeing the drums record to analog. We recorded the other tracks at Naked City with John [Kiehlbauch], and [Mike] Lavin mastered the whole record. We’re pretty stoked with how it ended up and it was cool having multiple studios and engineers; each song has a memory attached.”

The album will be available Saturday, March 5th at the band’s release show at the Bunkhouse in Las Vegas, NV. RSVP via Facebook here. You can also purchase the album digitally through the band’s Bandcamp.

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