New Noise Magazine is extremely excited to be bringing forth the pop drive, dreamy premiere of “All I Seem To Hear” by Arthur Nasson. The song plays out like one big hook, weaving decadent melodies through the steady drum hits. The music video is shot with a psychedelic eye, really giving the tune a serene visual aesthetic. Take a listen and view the music video below! The song is off of the upcoming record, Whack Mythology, out on August 31st.

“Images are unclear at times, flashes of cityscapes careen through shifting color and light in a dizzying and obscured way, so the viewer can question or re-imagine what they are seeing.” – Arthur Nasson

Whack Mythology will be the 10th full length release for the Arlington, Massachusettes alternative artist. Nasson’s determination led him to build a critically acclaimed catalog of recordings starting out largely with one mic and an 8 track cassette deck.

Speaking on Whack Mythology, Nasson says, “The idea that mythology, whether personal or global and the social programming it instills in each of us, drives much about our actions and perception. In holding up this type of mirror both in personal and more broad ways, one can perhaps have a laugh and recognize some shared sense of what we go through in this life.”

Nasson recorded these tracks in his home studio, but the final product feels far from lofi. Nasson handles the songwriting, production, engineering, vocals, piano, guitar, bass, percussion and synthesizers largely on his own, and with assistance from his sons Graham Nasson (drums/rhythm guitar) and Colin Nasson (rhythm guitar/percussion). Whack Mythology is due out on all digital streaming platforms on 8/31.

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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