Berlin Taxi take a synthetic yet elegant bounce in their new hit single, “LATE NIGHT.” It’s a tune that utilizes plenty of bold textures to dash the listener with its catchy rhythmic pulse. The tune’s vocals are lathered into the swell, giving it a holistic feel embedded into the aesthetic. With a glimmer of hypnosis, this song is sure to make the middle of the week spin. “LATE NIGHT” appears on the upcoming release, Contract, out on April 12, 2019.

“LAST NIGHT explores the blind acceptance of an unhappy life brought about by excessive partying and substance consumption that is surrounded by more pain than joy. The video paints a loose storyline of a man being attacked by violent men, and then operated on by a group of medical types who have seemingly sinister motives.” – Berlin Taxi

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Berlin Taxi is the latest stop for musician Michael Arruebarrena. In recent years, the New Orleans music scene has been exposed to Arruebarrena’s songwriting through excursions in garage rock, psychedelia, and new wave. Berlin Taxi is his latest effort after further musical exploration; namely travel through Europe with bandmate Morgan McManus. The two discovered the distinctive styles of Euro-based synth pop and soon afterward began work on the Contract EP. Adding another New Orleans scene mainstay, Greg Manson, to the outfit, the group presents a clear take on synth based pop music incorporating the straight forward writing styles of Arruebarrena’s past works.



This is a rock n' roll takeover.


  1. I would tell my mom to listen to this and she would say wow this reminds me of the music we used to listen to.

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