New Noise Magazine is excited to be premiering the music video for the song “Alvarado” by Big Mother Gig. “Alvarado” is a song that boasts with energy thanks to a bouncy rhythmic pattern. Big Mother Gig take the established melodies and add to them with a cacophony of vocals that stick like an ear worm, it’s damned catchy. The song is appearing on Big Mother Gig’s upcoming EP, Almost Primed, releasing February 10th with more grandiose orchestras of bold musical performances.

Big Mother Gig had this to say about the track, “We assembled this video using footage shot of us recording ‘Alvarado’ last summer along with some newer footage of a youngster wandering around the intersection of Sunset and Alvarado in LA’s Echo Park neighborhood, which was the inspiration for the song. The studio footage is from 3 different locales – Milwaukee where half the band recorded, Los Angeles where Richard did his parts and Subang Jaya, Malaysia where Riz did his thing.”

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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