You know who can’t be stopped?

Big Mother Gig.

This band has been a constant shining presence within the scene. Their drive to continue creating music, videos and overall content is a force to be reckoned with. Today, New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the exclusive premiere of “Obliterate.” With a powerful chorus melody and a progressive journey through the verses, this is another sure fire hit from a band proven to continue creating without any sign of slowing down. Take a listen and view below!

“We’ve always been really moved by the stories of people who destroy the world around them. ‘Obliterate’ really struggles to understand what drives some people to acts of violence. For the video, we wanted to show how a typical morning starts without knowing how it will end. We watch as someone who is going to inflict terror still wakes up in the morning, has breakfast, gets dressed, etc. In our video, Michael Ornstein (who also co-directed along with the band) shows the morning routine of someone who ends the video by recording a suicide video in his phone, grabbing a dufflebag filled with instruments of war and heading to somewhere to wreak havoc. We see glimpses of his life stress – he wakes up in a king-size bed but no one is with him, he has a child who no longer lives there, his life has fallen apart. And we watch as he obsessively washes his hands and changes his socks. We never see the actual destruction, only what is left behind – including a destroyed breakfast and watermelons that were used for target practice. It’s a dark video and one that conveys what people always say about those who crack – they seemed so normal, quiet, they kept to themselves. Everyone always misses the warning signs and so do we. (Close observers will notice the number 58 on a pad, crossed out with a question mark – 58 people is the largest ever killed in the Las Vegas music shooting last year).” – Big Mother Gig

Los Angeles-based/Milwaukee-bred power pop rockers Big Mother Gig returned in 2017 after a 20-year hiatus with Almost Primed, an EP of 6 hard-hitting songs praised by plenty. Recorded by Jeff Hamilton (Violent Femmes) and Dan Long (Local Natives, Spiral Stairs), the EP’s singles “Alvarado” and “Nametag” were well-received with specialty and college radio airplay and impressive streaming numbers topping 350K.

Big Mother Gig originally formed in 1992 in Milwaukee and the band played across the Midwest with The Magnolias, The Hunger, Chris Duarte, PunchDrunk (who later form The Hold Steady) and early acts featuring members of The Promise Ring and Braid. They combined raw punk (Dag Nasty) and Midwestern indie (Replacements) with hard rock (AC/DC). At their final show in 1996, a label showcase, Soul Asylum’s Dave Pirner praised the band but they broke up when singer Richard Jankovich moved to New York. Throughout the ‘00s, Jankovich achieved success with Burnside Project (who’s “Cue The Pulse To Begin” was the theme to “Queer As Folk” and went Top 30 in Japan) and Pocket (who’s remixes for Radiohead and Beck were praised by Pitchfork, Stereogum, Brooklyn Vegan and others).

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