Roll over Dave Grohl and tell Sully Erna the news. Another seasoned, highly skilled drummer has made the switch from behind the kit to in front of the crowd, and now he’s ready to help recharge the sleepy rock scene. Corky Gainsford, who played drums in Las Vegas Active and Mainstream rock-charting band Otherwise, and now, after a couple of years drumming for Blue Man Group, he’s getting ready to make his return to the spotlight with a batch of new tunes he wrote on his own.

Today, Code Red Riot are premiering their music video for “Slide” right here! Listen and view below, and continue to catch up your knowledge on this rocking new group. Their debut record, Mask, was released in June.

“In the past, I was writing, but everything I did was translated through the voice of another singer,” Gainsford says. “So, Code Red Riot for me is about removing the mask I’ve been hiding behind my whole life and really revealing what’s there underneath.”

Code Red Riot’s full-length debut – not so coincidentally titled Mask — is filled with euphoric, guitar-driven songs that resonate with equal parts frustration and hope. The first single, “Living Low,” features a lunging riff, funky guitar lick, rapid-fire vocals and a soaring chorus. And “Slide” starts with a staccato guitar part that sounds like it’s being played from down the street before it merges into a perfectly honed blend of energetic vocals and motivational riffs that are part Pixies, part Offspring.

For Gainsford, there’s much to shout about on Mask – the collapse of dreams, relationship dysfunction and death – but instead of wallowing in sadness, Gainsford looks at every scenario as a learning experience, and no matter how many times he was down when he worked on the album, he always saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

Since he has always expressed himself by writing songs, Gainsford continued to create original material between professional gigs. He recorded the first batch of Code Red Riot songs in his home studio, playing all instruments and handling the lead and background vocals. When he finished the demo, he sent it to a bunch of music industry contacts, including, producers, managers and musicians just to see what they thought. Almost immediately he received near-unanimous positive feedback: he should form a new band and present these songs to the public.


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Photo by Fred Morledge

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