Ripping through this Friday is Day Of Mourning with their music video premiere of “Wretched Flesh.” Blending melodies and dissonant grooves together, this track reels in the best aspects of the metalcore scene with an astounding poise. The gnashing vocals keep the presence together with piercing screams and gut wrenching vocals. Take a listen and view below!

“‘Wretched Flesh’ captures the sound that our band was founded on, while also delves into the sound that we are gravitating to in our new material. It serves as a bridge between our past and future ideas. In its sonic sense it also captures the idea of the album, that everything is transitory.

Lyrically the song talks about addiction and the weakness of the flesh; how we can be our worst selves when we forfeit control to wrath, greed, pride, envy, sloth, gluttony, and especially lust. A seven deadly sins of sorts. I believe these evils are inherent in all of us. However I also believe that with will, sight and perspective, the inner turmoil, the “war within” can be won. That This Too Will Pass.” – Day of Mourning


Formed in 2010 in Seoul, South Korea, a melodic metalcore act Day Of Mourning came together with the guitarists Kangto Lee and Junyong “Manki” Choi, after the disbandment of their old band for a fresh start, recruiting current vocalist Carlos Guerrero – a foreigner from Mexico who was seeking to join a band at the time. Just with the release of their debut EP “Hail From Perdition” in 2011, they gained major recognition in the community, enough to score a spot at one of the biggest metal/hardcore festival in Japan “BloodAxe Fest 2011” alongside For The Fallen Dreams, Winds Of Plague, and Xibalba.

Fast forward eight years, after several member changes and constant touring around Korea and Japan as one of the most highly sought bands by local promoters, Day Of Mourning, now with their solidified line-up, have finally released their long-awaited full-length album “This Too Will Pass” via Watch Out! Records, owned by the guitarist Kangto Lee.

Day Of Mourning is :
– Carlos Guerrero : vocals
– Kangto Lee : guitars
– JunYong “Manki” Choi : guitars
– Hayoung Aska Cho : bass
– Hyunjoon Eden Yeo : drums


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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