Music Video Premiere: Dirty Dirty – “Emotional Whatever Things”

Running through dissonance with their own sonic carnival troupe, Dirty Dirty turn punk into an anthemic fuzzy punch out in their new song “Emotional Whatever Things.” With a cast of belted harmonious melodies weaving through thick, pulsing instrumentals, this tune is sure to become an earworm quickly. The constant grooves laid out help smooth the roller coaster out, landing each booming progressions right in the warm hearts of each listener. Take a listen and watch the energetic video below!

“The video comes from feeling the threat of being consumed by a feeling —the kind of feeling that grows when it’s neglected. What a better way to show that then to get our wacky friends to run up a flight of stairs and scream in our face. It’s probably a cry for help in a barely symbolic way.” – Dirty Dirty

Be on the lookout for more soon!

To say Dirty Dirty is a Rock band is no lie, even Metal in a classic sense. The hard hitting, seductive, and raw elements within their music have been inspired by classic and modern Glam, Indie, Stoner, Metal and Punk predecessors like The Stooges, Kyuss, Le Butcherettes, Melvins, Metz, Soundgarden —making every hit a rebuttal the subtle oppression of passive aggression and ghost culture in a growing tech city.

Dirty Dirty are aiming to aid and commiserate with anyone dealing with confusion and misdirection from the male led social standards in politics, music and media by performing and releasing their brand of counterculture noise.

Photo Credit: Jady Bates 

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