Delicate but possessing a natural pulse for explosive music energy, Dol Ikara has released a music video for “White Queen.” The track lingers on a daunting, hypnotic kick of pure atmosphere, letting the vocals really flow smoothly through the progressions. The music video is just as dreamy as the track, emphasizing different colors to blend seamlessly with the dark textures laden in the sound. This extensive, beautifully crafted tune and video can be viewed below! Be prepared for more from Dol Ikara, as this is her debut artistic interaction with the world.

“The creation process of this video was twofold. The first half focuses on the element of black water in which I am submerged in somewhat of a fetal position, while the second half gives rise to the elements of fire and earth (forest scenery) wherein a ritualistic “awakening” scene occurs. The volta between the two scenes takes place when my character emerges from the water covered in silver body paint after the first chorus. This cues the invocation of the goddess-inspired figures who wear masks derivative of woodland flora and fauna. We wove in lots of symbolism/references: a female rendition of Janus, blue roses and color shifts to name a few. You’d never guess, but the black water scene was filmed in a blue kiddie pool in a yard filled with kid toys and balloons. The dichotomy was hilarious.

Boiled down, I’d say this video is a very dreamy, stylized and haunting depiction of a metaphorical rebirth, which ties into the lyrics nicely as they contemplate moving past stagnation. Someone who I am close with sent me their interpretation and synopsis of the “White Queen” video, and one line in particular stood out to me: “We dream to detach and we go on, differently than before.” Some people describe dreaming as escapism and give it a negative connotation. But stigmatizing dreaming ultimately precludes us from bettering the world and ourselves. The first step of changing ourselves and our circumstances is to reimagine our realities, and I think this video conveys that to a certain extent with the implementation of this rebirth motif.” – Dol Ikara

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Video produced by Rockton Road

Braedon Speakman – Director, Editor
Nic Capelle – Director of Photography, Editor
Claire Roddy – Stylist, Assistant Editor

Dol Ikara is the musical project of Claire Roddy, inspired by paganism and rooted in the divine feminine. Bringing much-needed themes to this day and age of mythological goddess worship, non-violence and gentle strength, Dol Ikara is timely, yet harkens back to the organic unfolding of music made decades ago. Musical influences include Mazzy Star, Sonic Youth, Broadcast, Cocteau Twins, Timber Timbre, Radiohead, and classic rock bands such as Led Zeppelin.

A poet, as well, Claire is very driven by the beauty of phonetics in her composition of lyrics, which ultimately brought about the birth of her moniker for this project. The name Dol Ikara is a neologism — something simply phonetically beautiful, holding no other meaning prior to its conception. The moniker acts as a blank canvas to hold the innate essence of the project without any preconceived notions or associations.



This is a rock n' roll takeover.


  1. Stunning! I love the explanation of her conception. Can’t wait to see what else she creates!

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