New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the exclusive premiere of “Supermoon” by Havania Whaal. The spaced out, feel good vibe of the tune is guided by its sonic atmosphere. The tune swirls through an opening sequence that is much akin to a psychedelic dream. The music video, although black and grey, provides listeners with an opportunity to color their own portraits of images. Take a listen below! The song is off of the recent release, Elaborate Minor Crisis.

“This video was a 6 month project paying homage to some of our favorite moments in fantasy, sci-fi and silent films. In true Gregg Araki style we filmed the entire production in our basement living room and built each set by hand from mostly items rescued from the recycling bin or dug out from the Goodwill bins.” – Havania Whaal

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Havania Whaal has remained an ever-important fixture of the Portland DIY music scene for years now, all the while growing into a fuzzy, echo-specked force of nature that both matches the city’s gray and hazy climes while also outgrowing them. The duo of vocalists (and spouses!) Noelle Magia (Plastic Weather, Smoke Rings) and Paul Sobiech (Fine Pets) anchor the band in the beauty of their contrast. Magia’s battle hardened no-wave yelps, squeals and coos serve as the backbone of frenetic, hooky energy in the songs while Sobiech’s post-punk croon cools the edges. Havania Whaals most recent album Elaborate Minor Crisis was released in 2017 on Youth Riot Records (Mommy Long Legs, Emma Lee Toyoda). They are currently working on a two song 7″ due out in early 2019.

Photo by Antonia Basler

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