New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth this exclusive premiere of “Dirty Dream” by The Living. The eerie atmosphere seeps into the palette of any listener, bringing about a dense track with plenty of sway built into the dynamics. Take a listen and watch below and be prepared for the anticipated 2nd full-length album, Drinking From The Trough Of A Tyrant’s Piss, on October 19th.

“Musically, this is one of our most groovy and moody songs. It’s short and sweet and has a very catchy end vocal that showcases several instruments we’ve not used before. It is a bit psychedelic and retro sounding and it is a sound we’ve not explored before. The lyrics were written half asleep late one night about a girl I was dating who would frequently have to leave my house late at night to go to work for weeks at a time” – Derek Barnes of The Living

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Drinking From The Trough Of A Tyrant’s Piss, The Living’s follow up to 2017’s self-titled record, is a progressive, cerebral mind trip that melds influences of metal, rock and pop with complex layers and intricate skill, all while maintaining accessibility to fans of a many different genres. The record was produced/recorded with Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, King Woman, Wolves in the Throne Room).

“After our first record, we wanted to expand our sound to include some electronic elements to add depth to our raw atmospheric style. We wrote a ton of songs for this time around, and the ones that stuck, were the ones that featured a different feel than our last album. We get a lot of praise for having an organic, emotional sound, and that is absolutely still intact in this release. In addition to expanding with instrumentation, I wanted to explore different subjects lyrically. There are subjects as varied as cults and manipulation, hating your job, and mindless sex so it is pretty diverse.” – Derek Barnes (vocals/guitar)

Made up of Derek Barnes (vocals/ guitar), Julian Balestrieri (guitar), Jeremy Shepherd (bass) and Jason Zaru (drums), The Living formed in 2015, birthed from their longstanding friendships with each other. They pull many sounds into their music including shoegaze, progressive rock, metal, and pop, bridging the gap between genres and creating an environment in which their audience is greeted with the familiar sounds they know and love while discovering the band’s fresh approach. It’s this unique overlap, coupled with their devotion to an energetic live show and the human experience that goes along with it.

In October 2018, the band will release their 2nd full length album, followed by tour dates from San Francisco, CA to Austin, TX.

The Living Tour Dates:
Oct 19 – San Francisco, CA – Brick & Mortar
Nov 24 – Austin, TX – Hole In The Wall
*Additional shows to be announced soon


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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