New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the exclusive music video premiere of “Hidden Track” by Local Drags. The music video is a trip of nostalgia as different VHS videos are played behind a belting tune of melodic rock progressions. Take a listen and watch below!

“‘Hidden Track’ was the first song I really wrote for this record. In the early days of Local Drags, Matt and I were writing these needlessly long songs, with big intros and too many verses. I was sick of playing long songs! Wanted to write more songs that got right into the action (which is almost all my songs now!) And there’s nothing better than a palm muted into, you know?

Lyrically, the song ended up being about feeling lost and confused and left behind. I usually don’t write with any specific story or idea in mind, maybe just a vibe or a scene. Ended up being about those things. Hidden Tracks on CDs are a thing of the past, still miss waiting around for them. Thought that was a nice little line so I ran with that!

I was listening to a lot of Dwight Twilley at the time, and while this song sounds nothing like his, he did this kind of stutter singing I love. That’s where the initial idea came from, the “ah-ah-ah” thing in the chorus. And then everyone liked it when I showed them, Luke (McNeill, producer of the record) cleaned it up and made it sound cool and here we are.

The video came straight from my VHS collection. I love old, useless media and these promo videos of literally just race car crashes and the like. It’s called Crash & Crunch. Should check it out if you find it. Great watch.” – Lanny Durbin, Local Drags

LP out May 31st from (US) and (Europe)


Based in palatial Springfield, Illinois, Local Drags were formed by Lanny Durbin of Starter Jackets and Matt Sailor of Mayor Sheriff in 2015. After one self-released EP, work began on their full-length debut, Shit’s Lookin’ Up! On Stardumb Records and It’s Alive Records.

The music is inspired by power pop, the Stiff Records catalog, 90s indie rock, and some classic rock and roll. A more stripped-down companion to Lanny’s work in the louder, keyboard-heavy band, Starter Jackets. Lyrically, Lanny writes about losers and being a loser, while still keeping a sense of humor and looking forward.


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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