Nw Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the exclusive video premiere “Chief Sleeps In Park” by LTD. The song is off of the upcoming record Stop Und Fick Dich!, out on June 7th, 2019.

“King Khan! Rock n’ Roll explorer of the mind soul and hole has landed his hot rocket on a seriously unknown planetoid. It sounds familiar…has certain musical moves you’ve heard in different contexts but not quite this one. Crossing ideals held by those as opposite as can be from heavy politics (panthers) to heavy dirty kicks (GG Allin puke sex), crossing it with devastating sounds that approach the deranged pre punk thug rock & art rock that became what we know now and blowing it to bits with sometimes juvenile, disgusting, hilarious, political, sexually ambiguous, meaningful lyrics . Before punk crystalized into a concept with a name (ruined), there were deranged, disenfranchised youths roaming the streets with guitars & bad ideas (as in bad ass).

These youths believed in rock n’ roll as religion and yet were of a future breed that had not yet to be born. Some rose to the top (of the bottom) enough to record & be recognized by likeminded creeps, such as Modern Lovers, Stooges, Velvets, Armand Schaubroeck, Pink Fairies, Debris, Destroy All Monsters, Suicide, Electric Eels, Monks, Rocket From the Tombs, etc…the list really goes on and on and goes back in time to the 60s and 50s (Hasil Adkins, The Phantom, etc.). How King Khan came to this is beyond me. He’s has ridden the rails of high low kulture for years now, exploring different sounds and so I’m not surprised. Certainly not “serious”, this has it’s tongue firmly planted in butt cheek, but it is R-E-A-L. Khan has taken one giant step backward into the real thing! Bypassing indie, 60s retro, faux rockabilly, hardcore, punk et al, he has landed in the one perfect place that most who lived in it in real time, wished they hadn’t, so they could be heard, be paid, eat & buy drugs & have a bed to pass out on, but they didn’t. Most were not heard, at least until their musical corpses were dug up & put on a pointless pedestal. So while you dig for the most obscure and wild early rock n’ roll oddities, seriously be sure to D-I-G L.T.D. It’s N-O-W!” – Howie Pyro, punk rocker.

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Directed by Arnaud Ducasse, who filmed the video while the band was on tour, specifically in Madrid and Barcelona in 2018.

Photo by Mariexxme



This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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