The Lucky Eejits are premiering their new track “So Far So Good” today via New Noise Magazine. The song is being partnered with a music video that captures the shadows of adolescence that can come from being raised in any household. It’s an unsettling narrative, and rightfully so. There is a ton of music that connects and takes people away from foul narratives, and The Lucky Eejits shed light on awareness. The song is off of the upcoming record, Out of Time, will be released on July 12th via Wiretap Records and Bypolar Records.

The video was directed and edited by their guitar player Nick Pappas. His thoughts on the video and song, “With how dark this song comes off it’s only fitting to write a storyline to match. In my case it wasn’t too difficult. If you read the lyrics the song is pretty open to interpretation. Every family is different and we all have stories to tell. The storyline I wrote is not exactly my upbringing to a T but there are cases of drug abuse and domestic violence with some family members. With that said I was able to pick out parts of my childhood and mold them into what you see here.”

Guitarist and vocalist Casey FitzPatrick states, “The lyrics were inspired off of that nasty feeling of allowing your emotions to get the best of you. Blaming yourself for things out of your control and making painful/hurtful decisions. This has been something all of us have been through as a band. Nick was really able to bring the song to life with this particular story. We felt we needed to bring some awareness to the ongoing problem of mental abuse.”

Band members: Casey FitzPatrick, Tim Boczanowski, Tyler Salinas, Nick Pappas

Sunday 5/26 the band will be at punk rock bowling playing The Punk Rock Hoedown benefitting Love Hope Strength with Authority Zero and Lost in society.


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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