Engaging with the nostalgic essence of the punk lifestyle is Matty Carlock. “The Punks That Had Enough” is thoughtful and reflective in its approach, beaming all over with catchy melodies. The punk atmosphere of the song blends with a heartfelt performance, shining on this Thursday morning gracefully. The soaring tune is off of the upcoming The Jailbirds EP, out via 115 Collective on February 8th, 2019.

“Jared was a major part of me completing this LP, he’s a beautiful, encouraging person, and besides him inspiring me through conversation and getting to know each other, his song ‘Basements’ off his solo LP got me through some of the hardest times of my life. Rob Sellig and I wanted it to be very clear with the video, to show where we all come from, and that is NJHC / NYHC. We wanted it to be explosive, and very simple, with a lot of personality to show how beautiful and real this brotherhood is over the simple bond of music. To execute that – no B Roll. You just plug in and do the damn thing.” – Matty Carlock

Matty Carlock is a Singer/Songwriter from Middletown, NJ. Born into the New Jersey Hardcore scene, he cut his teeth singing for underground hardcore outfits including the Metal-core pioneers “Shai Hulud”. He began to branch out into other genres of music with his debut 2014 Americana release entitled “Loveless”. He’s since then toured the world playing sold out shows across the U.S., Germany to England, eastern Europe and Canada all while evolving into a Hip / Hop producer – writing and collaborating with influential rappers such as Cage, Jersey City’s own Albee Al, Chad B, battle rap national champion Arsonal Da Rebel, and Bulletproof Belv, gaining the attention of superstar Fetty Wap, and major media outlets such as The Source Magazine, Respect Magazine, etc. From hardcore to folk music, to the hottest up and coming rappers in the world – Matty has come full circle to deliver his first LP “The Jailbirds”, which is highly influenced by early Springsteen – featuring tracks with celebrity photographer Danny Clinch, Scandals frontman Jared Hart, and New York’s finest Jesse Malin.

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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