“Long Before The Light” is an emotional narrative bound to a wonder of heart. Throughout the video the audience follows a child through some of the formative years, lost in stories and love. Innocence clashes with ghastly creatures throughout the story, weaving contrasting tones and visuals together within a beautiful story. Take a listen to the eerie grace of “Long Before The Light” below and find it on the album The Boundless Black, which was released via Hanging Hills Records.

“We want to keep them safe and we don’t want them straying far. Our children are our most important resource. “Long Before the Light” is our own tale depicting the reigning in and letting go of our most innocent family members.” Peter Morcey (vocalist)

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Interesting Facts of the band:
Peter Morcey
1. Peter started writing and performing music at the age of 13 initiating himself into a career of underground music that has lasted over 30 years. He would have to use fake IDs just to enter the clubs he would perform at in the 80s. Over the years Peter was able to tour the world many times over with two of his more prominent bands.

2. Starting in the mid nineties Peter had studied classical music under a private teacher for many years and then was accepted into a top vocal program at a performing arts college in Miami. He had performed many recitals and solo concerts during this period.

3. Peter is an avid collector of records, vintage toys, books and occult artifacts. He is well known for his collections in certain circles. He also DJs in his spare time mostly playing 60s reggae, northern soul and junkshop glam

Ryan Patrick White

1. Ryan started writing and recording original songs at age 10 after learning how to play guitar from his father. Early recordings were done on a boom box built-in mic. Then later on a Tascam 4-Track and eventually the 8-track. He plans to release those albums some day.

2. Ryan did a lot of acting in his twenties and wrote scores for a few feature length films. Hopefully nobody ever sees any of it.

3. Ryan also started drumming at age 10 and has played in projects ever since. His first full US tour was on drums. Recently he played percussion on the Murmur full length “Boundless Black”, Zero Hour’s “Positive Aggresssive Mental Attitude” and also on his solo release “Dying in Deep River” in 2018 (trip machine laboratories)


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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