Slathered in dreamy textures, No Alarms are premiering their music video for the single “Marble Bars” below via New Noise Magazine. With a dashingly vibrant tone, the song bursts with indie pop atmospheres that clash with hypnotic melodies. The group has a constant flow of energy running through the song, bringing an infectious uproar of joy to this Thursday.

“’Marble Bars’ at its core touches on feelings of elation and exploration when meeting someone special for the first time. We wanted to capture the excitement, childlike giddiness, and bliss that comes along with connecting with someone that you really click with, and that’s part of what I’m broaching in the verses. It seems as you get older those experiences get more and more rare, so we wanted to bottle that feeling and broadcast it. As far as the creation process, I actually started with the bass guitar line on this one. That really set the whole vibe of the song, then we were off and running and I had the chorus melody in my head after waking up one morning.

With the video, we wanted to go a slightly different way and connect to those same feelings but through a different story. Looking up at the stars as a kid fills you with such a distilled sense of wonder and optimism, and a yearning for exploration. We wanted to capture that optimistic bliss through the eyes of someone looking towards the stars and daring to say “I can.”

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No Alarms was born in Texas as the solo passion project of multi-instrumentalist Andrew Boles. However, after founding No Alarms, Boles soon found Texas wasn’t a fitting environment for a neon-light saturated, synth-pop artist, so relocated to Detroit, leading to No Alarms becoming a five-piece. Andrew and his band members – Jack Reedy, Jordan McLanson, Stephen Werner, and Daryn DeCriscio- have been collaborating over the past year to develop their synergy as a group.

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