“As They Rot Away” features an intense set of vocals marching along to a heavy set of instrumentals. Rolling through different riffs, Noeazy shine light on the path they are carving for themselves as a band. The song is off of their release, TRIANGLE. With plenty of stomp friendly grooves and atypical rhythms, this track is sure to get the adrenaline pumping.

“‘As They Rot Away’ stands out as the darkest and the most aggressive track out of our album TRIANGLE. With this album we wanted to sum up everything we have experimented with our previous releases, and ultimately the direction we were to take as a band. Out of all the tracks we see this one to be the best representation of our understanding of the modern metalcore genre and how we’ve depicted it.

If you follow the titles of the songs in the album it makes up a bit of a story; this track, lyrically, expresses the climax of the concept of the album as a whole: [In this world, there exists a lot of “Misguided Desires”. Those desires seem to be “Bottomless”, nothing but “Parasitic Dreams” eating away at all those hoping for their wishes but at the end of the day it will have been “All In Vain”. They will all just “Rot Away”, thrown out into the middle of a “Wasteland” – a place where “No One Remembers”.]  The narrator sadistically tells that “your wishful thinking ends here” in this track.

We filmed this music video in an abandoned tunnel, somewhere we thought it could best express the overall dark theme of the song. A lot of filming techniques and editings were involved to show this dynamic yet very unstable atmosphere that is what this track shows. We hope you enjoy.” – Noeazy

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Vocals: Gursong Yoo
Guitars: Hyungki Kim, Jeongjoon Park
Bass: Hayoung Cho
Drums: Yuna Kang



This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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