New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the exclusive music video of “Raylene” by Radiator King. True to the name, the band is on fire with their music right now, writing anthemic rock pieces tinged in both emotion and energy.

“‘Raylene’ is definitely a song rooted in personal experience. At the time of writing I was losing someone in my life that was very dear to me. When a relationship like this ends, you begin to contemplate whether or not you gave it your all and stuck with it enough to make it work. These types of questions can really haunt you. They can plant the seeds of guilt and regret in your psyche if you allow them to. At some point you just need to sort of let go and recognize you must move on. It’s a very hard thing to do.

I felt that for this particular song the video had to evoke a sense of nostalgia. I wanted the main location to be a house that had been deteriorated by neglect over time. A place that had once contained beautiful experiences but had been abandoned, and became decrepit and cold. When I first met with Steve Della Salla and Michael Levy of Fuzz On the Lens Production, I explained my ideas to them and after thinking it over for a few moments one of them said “I think I know the perfect location!”. Sure enough they were right and did an amazing job at capturing the emotion of the song.”

“The location of the shoot was in a small town in upstate New York situated on a farm that stretched for miles and miles. A friend of Steve and Mike had just bought the dilapidated house with the intent to renovate it. The previous owner was a hoarder and to say that it was in horrible condition would be an understatement. Because we were in the midst of tour dates, scheduling forced us to shoot the entire video in a single day.

As is often the case with work that requires a tight schedule, things never go as planned. First there was the weather. Up until the date of the shoot, weather in New York had been fairly mild. However, on the day of the shoot in mid November a cold freeze swept in and it was the first day of the year that it snowed. Since there was no heat at the location we froze our asses off. If you watch the video you can actually even see my breath when I’m singing.

Then there was the travel. Due to a mishap at a rest stop we showed up late for our only day of shooting. Nearly 2 hours away from the city, while stopping for gas, something happened with the GPS where the location changed and sent us back to the city. None of us even realized that we had turned back around until we were all the way back to the Bronx — It certainly was not my proudest moment. But when all was said and done, we banged out the video and I couldn’t be happier with the job all involved did to make it happen.”

Photo by Indofunk Satish

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