RAINNE are pleased to be sharing the video for “Psycho Killer” with the world today. The video, premiering exclusively below, is full of harrowing visuals. Centered on vocalist Annie Dingwall, the video uses colors to help express the expressive, emotional weight of the songwriting.

“We wanted to create a video that really captured the essence of the beat and craziness “Psycho Killer”. The whole song is built on the percussive synth bass/baritone line and we wanted a visual that fed into and out of the choppy chaos that defines the track.” – Annie of RAINNE

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Named for the various elemental twists that rain storms take — from a light inconvenient drizzle to an unequivocally torrential downpour — rising alt-pop duo RAINNE are drenched in emotional catharsis to their core. A weighted darkness is felt everywhere in the Los Angeles-based duo’s sonic universe: the classically trained pair — comprised of singer-songwriter Annie Dingwall and saxophonist/engineer Justin Klunk — blend a sophisticated pop songwriting prowess (and penchant for ear worms that cut) with a late-night-drive of a West Coast mystique that recalls the introspective bops of Bishop Briggs, Dua Lipa and Lorde — “the dark girls” starter kit. “We wanted something that reflected the darker, brooding, moody, aggressive music that we make,” Annie explains of the band’s fully soaked moniker. “A lot of people like rain. It’s not always necessarily in a negative context.”

Justin was born and raised in Torrance, CA, while Annie hails from outside of Dallas, yet the pair’s shadowy torch songs could easily soundtrack grim L.A. staples like Nightcrawler, Drive, or even David Lynch’s noir masterpiece Mulholland Drive. Their slickly murky sound further nods to early-aughts darlings Evanescence, and pop forces like Sia and Imagine Dragons.

The experimental duo first met during a GRAMMY Camp in Los Angeles, the summer before they both started at USC’s Thornton School of Music. “We quickly became best friends and were always together. We joke that Annie forced her friendship on me, because she told me we were going to be best friends,” adds Justin. “It worked.” The fast friends spent their post-graduation years flexing their solo muscles: Annie honed her skills as a solo singer-songwriter, cutting demos for herself and others with stints recording in Nashville and Los Angeles and earning film/TV syncs on American Crime, The Doctors, and Nude, while Justin toured as a saxophonist for the likes of Lindsey Stirling, Tommy Page, Saint Motel and even Ariana Grande during the pop titan’s first album cycle.

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