“Black Car” swells with intensity as the song carries on. The musicianship doubles down with tight progressions building to dignified guitar noodling with atypical drum progressions. The reflective mood of the tone gives space for listeners to breathe and think when diving through the songs spatial features.

Disappearing Someone was recorded over a two year period by producer Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Minus the Bear, Caspian, Botch, Foxing, Converge). I grew up listening to hardcore bands that Bayles produced and always hoped that I’d get a chance to work with him.

Our earlier full-lengths all had a fundamental stripped down nature to them; often utilizing an array of acoustic instrumentation and minimal drum set ups. This is the first record that we had a full band; completely electric, with samplers, synths and pedals. Before, we always deliberately tied one hand behind our backs as a strategy to keep the songs streamlined. On Disappearing Someone, both hands are free.
And flailing, at times.

‘Black Car’ is sort of a perfect hybrid of old and new Ravenna Woods; you get to see where we started and where we’ve landed all in the same 4 minutes. Fun fact – at one point during the filming of the music video I made our keyboardist Nic Danielson repeatedly hit me with a car to get a shot that I wanted. He kept pulling up between takes and expressing his concern at the inherent danger, and I kept waving it off and excitedly encouraging him to drive faster. Truly hope someone saw that scene play out.” – Chris Cunningham

Disappearing Someone was recorded recorded/mixed by Matt Bayles (who has recorded Converge, Botch, The Blood Brothers, Mastodon, Minus the Bear, etc.) at Red Room Studio. Mastered by Chris Hanzsek (who has worked with Soundgarden, the U-Men, the Melvins and others). It will be released digitally as well as on vinyl through Rocket Heart Records on May 3rd. Preorder here.

Ravenna Woods was formed by Chris Cunningham and Brantley Duke in late 2009, after Chris returned home to Seattle from a teaching job overseas. The two met shortly after Chris returned home with a collection of songs that he had written and demoed while living in a remote Pacific Island village. After fleshing out some of those songs and writing a few more, a handful of new demos circulated to drummer Matt Badger, who introduced himself to the duo. Within a few months, they wrote and recorded their first full-length “Demons and Lakes,” self-released in 2010. The album was put on heavy rotation by KEXP 90.3, and the band quickly developed a reputation in Seattle as one of the city’s “best live acts”. The band subsequently released an EP titled “Valley of the Headless Men” in 2011, a full-length titled “The Jackals” in 2013, and a 7-inch/EP titled “Alleyways and Animals” in 2016. Around 2015, when the band started writing what would become Alleyways and Animals, Ravenna officially became a 5 piece, adding multi-instrumentalist and composer Nic Danielson on keys and Reed LV on bass. The band features ex-members of bands such as Lotte Kestner, Neon Blonde, Delour, Seattle Rock Orchestra, and The Kindness Kind. Notable performances include SXSW, Capital Hill Block Party, City Arts Festival, The Paramount (with Devotchka), Treefort, SXSW, and various other festivals, as well as West coast, Midwest and East coast tours alongside bands like The Lumineers, Royal Canoe, and Typhoon.

“Black Car” was shot by Dark Details (who has recently shot music videos for Kool Keith and Planet B). Shot by Chris Cunningham and Brantley Duke.



This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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