New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth this exclusive double music video featurette from SCATTERBOX. Below, one is able to view “Separate and Stand Alone / Count The 1-2-3s.” The legendary hardcore act are showcasing why their name carries the weight it does. The songs are off of the abum, The Ritual, out via Blackhouse Records now!

Scott Rozell (Drums) – “Jason (Frost, director) came to the table with an idea for this video and we were really happy to be a part of it. I was specifically excited to see just how terrible of actors we were, and this video certainly confirms that.”

Tom White (Vocals) – “‘123’s’ is basically about using music to escape people’s, bullshit…. And Scott wrote 90 percent of ‘Seperate and Stand Alone’. Maybe it’s about the cause and effect of burning bridges in the name of greed and furthering a self serving agenda?”

Scott Rozell (Drums) – “Yeah, what he said.”

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An homage-by-way-of-hybrid approach to the stylings of David Lynch, Troma Films and other B-Movie and cult films, the video carries a storyline in which an obnoxious thrash punk band is ultimately conned into (what appears to be) an effort to try and save the world in a race against the clock, but it winds up costing them more than they expected. Campy throwback movie moments aside, the music accompanies the storyline and transitions itself into the two songs, ultimately tying the video together in its entirety.


Sure the provenance is stellar: somewhat up and out of the ashes of hardcore’s best and brightest, SCATTERBOX has their knotty roots almost knuckle deep into the heart of the fast and frenetic Sound of 1981. Featuring past and present members of Moral Crux (Lookout! Records) and the legendary Green Jelly (Green Jello), and a back catalog of full length albums, EP’s, soundtracks, and compilations spanning nearly 20 years, SCATTERBOX is back!


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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