New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing the ambient new single from Secret Shine, “Falling Again.” Secret Shine utilize a textural atmosphere that is covered in dense sonic layers. It allows for “Falling Again” to have a glossy sound to it, with thick but omnipresent guitars and airy vocals riding over top. It’s a pop song drenched in a colorful soundscape. The music video accompanies this elegantly, with a vivid and psychedelic visual presence showcasing the band and different shots of the city. One would expect nothing less from the veterans of dream pop. “Falling Again” is the newest single from There Is Only Now, out March 17th via Saint Marie Records.

Back in the early ’90s Secret Shine got snatched up by seminal indiepop label Sarah Records, because Sarah could hear the hooks in the haze, the vitality in the vocals, so much more than a trend, so much more than a sound. It’s obvious Secret Shine grew up in love with pop, in love with ABBA, in love with the Smiths. After a breakup in the late 90s and a tragedy of drummer Tim Morris, passing away after a work accident, Secret Shine decided to continue on and release music.

“’Falling Again’ was one of a group of song written about four years ago for There Is Only Now.  I was experimenting at the time by writing complete demo tracks on my iPad, and this song is one of the the successful ones that came out of that process. Since you have a much more stripped down set of tools on a tablet, it forced me to concentrate on the song writing rather than get bogged down with effects and 50 guitar/synth sounds! Of all the songs on the album, it came together the quickest, since the vocal melody clicked straight away, and is probably one of the more shoegaze melodies. The meaning of the song is really about letting go and completely giving yourself to somebody, trusting them enough to catch you when you do.”

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