Music Video Premiere: Sleave – “Check Myself”

New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the exclusive, emphatic music video premiere of “Check Myself” by Sleave. A set of vocals that pour out with emotions, guitars weep with melodies — Sleave know how to tie their emotions into their art. Blending multiple genres in their glimmer, the group infuses a weight into their music that lifts upon being heard. As the song continues into the latter half, Sleave open the lid to a swirling catharsis of harsh vocals and swelling melodies. Take a listen to the song below, and find it off of the upcoming record, Don’t Expect Anything, out later this fall via Engineer Records.



Formed in Richmond, VA in 2016, Sleave began after Julien Robert and Charlie Bowen met at a party, where they quickly bonded over a shared interest in punk and alternative music. A series of impromptu jam sessions at Julien’s parent’s house during the fall of 2015 quickly turned into a full project. During this time, Sam Mclelland joined the band on bass and in January of 2016, Sleave officially formed.


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