“Rose” thrives off of its intuitive syncopation. The frequent bounces that accompany the emotional vocal lines provide listeners with a bumpy ride. It’s a metaphorical light that is in front of listeners, just out of their reach with obstacles present each time. Telltale captivate listeners with their powerful songwriting. Their newest EP, Timeless Youth, is out today and New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the exclusive music video premiere of “Rose.”

“Finding out who you are is a part of growing up and identity is something we all struggle with from time to time. Knowing yourself, especially the good and the less desirable traits is something that’s important to personal development. ‘Rose’ is ultimately about being aware of these flaws and how they negatively impact your relationships and experiences throughout life.” – Travis Slack (Drums)

“We’re all young and we’ll be the first to admit that, but that doesn’t change the things that we’ve all lived through and how these events have impacted our lives. Each of us have things we wish we had never said, people who we can’t call friend anymore and loved ones who are no longer with us. All of these occur to everyone throughout life no matter who you are, but how we see these events differently is what shaped this album. Timeless Youth is the embodiment of how we feel about growing up and why we believe that despite becoming an “adult” and facing these trials life can’t take away who we are at heart.” – Bryce Marshall

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Telltale is a rock band from Richmond, Virginia. Formed in early 2017, the band immediately had plans to make a mark on the Richmond music scene. The band released their debut single “Atlas” in March 2017 and began playing shows across the state and regionally. In the spring of 2017, the band recorded their debut EP “Good Intentions” which caught the attention of SharpTone Records.

Tour Dates:

4/26 – Mesa, AZ at Nile Theater

4/29 – Odessa, TX at Cactus House

4/30 – Houston, TX at Eighteen Ten Ojeman

5/2 – Douglasville, GA at Grind Skate Shop

5/3 – Fayetteville, NC at Drunk Horse Pub

5/4 – Richmond, VA at Yellow House

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