New Noise Magazine is bringing the frenetic and glittery pop rock anthem “Hackaboy” by Terabyte. While stretching the limits of the rock genre, there’s a glimmer of soul ripping through the synthetic fluctuations. With a colorful, dazzling video to go along, take a listen to this beauty below.

“‘Hackaboy’ is about someone ‘hacking’ into your life. It can either be in the form of betrayal by way of using your weaknesses against you, or in the form of a romantic interest who seems to really ‘get’ you—as if they have stalked your mind/and hacked into the ‘life simulation’. It also pokes fun at socially awkward bedroom producers/techies that are changing the future.” – Terabyte

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Terabyte is a San Francisco based electronic artist originally from Kallispell, Montana —a world traveller that has made India, Trinidad & Tobago, and myriad locations across the globe her home at one time or another. She dreams constantly about being in different places all of the time. Being inspired by the idea of possession, whether it be by machine, alien, or spirit, the idea that there is something much bigger than us out there, something that may be controlling our destinies and our behaviors, either directly, or indirectly is of much interest to her and a common theme throughout her music. The emotional value she derives from dreams and the dreamscape is what inspires her, along side the complexity of real life. Many dreams have key visual elements with deep emotions attached, and this is the realm she enjoys —experiencing her realities, creating a sonic world with her dreams.

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Photo by Eve Greenberg


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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