Music Video Premiere: Tidal Gloom – “THROES”

Seeping in with swarming echos is “THROES” by Tidal Gloom. An atmosphere of swallowed remorse is channeled through both the instrumentals and the visuals. Solemn. Gripping. Textured. The guitars tell as much of a story as the vocals with their pacing and continuing grasp of the tone of the song. Urgent vocals hellishly bring to life the damp woe of a cloudy day. Take a listen to this extravagant piece below!

“While writing ‘Throes’, my goal was to conceptualize violence and sadness in music but present it in a way that is catchy, memorable and, at times, pretty. I felt like this song was pretty fucking sad and violent when it was just my instrumentals but once Rich presented the lyrics, subject matter and melodies to me, I knew this song was going to be heavy.” – Matt Popowski of Tidal Gloom

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Directed & Edited by Matt Popowski
Shot by Corinne Wilber
Colored by Matt Bastos
Song Mastered by Adam Cichocki

Tidal Gloom is a Post-Punk band based in Brooklyn, NY. The band was formed in the fall of 2018 when Matt Popowski left his former band and recruited long time friend Rich Gladis to provide the vocals for his new project. Their debut ‘Self-Titled’ EP was self-produced and self-released by the duo and is digitally available everywhere.



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