New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the music video premiere of “Bend” by Trench. The track’s visuals have a slight water eye to them to open, bringing in the collective sentiment and distorting the surroundings. The persistent chord structures ring together with the beautifully constructed vocals, dancing along the sound and air waves with elegance. Take a listen to this majesty of a track below, and be prepared for the upcoming record, Ritual Love.

“The video, shot and directed by Dani Nuckols, eludes to the effects of loss on perception. Reilly says, ‘When I was 19 I lost my father to cancer. He had raised my brother and I alone and was the strongest, most genuine person in my life. A week after his death I was at the park sitting in the sun. It was one of those days you could barely open your eyes it was so glaring and harsh. I looked up and saw him walking toward me. I thought I must be hallucinating but he kept coming. Finally he was almost right in front of me. I started to say something and he walked right past. It was just a stranger.”

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Formed in 2015, Trench began as a solo project by songwriter Chris Reilly. After realizing it’s potential, and a lust for loud, dynamic, ethereal tones, the project quickly bloomed into a full band. It’s currently comprised of Chris Reilly (guitar/vocals), Ron Ballweber (guitar), Roberto Becerra (bass), and Dan Sanborn (drums/vocals). The band released its debut EP Sun-Soaked on Flesh and Bone Records in 2016. After a second pressing of their EP, touring the east coast, and playing alongside acts such as Nothing and Basement, the band is ready to release its debut LP, Ritual Love via Flesh and Bone Records.

“The most important thing when writing music is to be honest and genuine, and I think we accomplished that both musically and lyrically on this record,” says frontman Chris Reilly. Recorded, mixed, and mastered at More Sound in Syracuse, NY, the band was intent on creating something that evoked a visceral response from it’s listeners. Musically it crosses multiple genres, from post-rock, shoegaze, post-hardcore, and dream-pop. “We never write a song and say that isn’t ‘us’. When you write honestly and without a conscious influence or direction then everything you create is sincere”, says Ballweber.

Lyrically, the album is much the same. Drawing from the life experiences of Reilly, the albums revolves around topics such as mortality, anxiety, beauty, and existence. “By the time I was 19 I had lost everyone in my family to cancer or incarceration. I’ve spent a lot of years trying to reconcile those events, all while trying to deal with the typical vices of growing up. Writing this record has been very cathartic, and the lyrics for this album are ones that I think anyone could pick up, read, and say “‘yeah I’ve felt that before’'” says Reilly.

The end result is a diverse collection of dark, ethereal, emotive tracks, that owe as much to the bands they grew up on – such as Failure, Hum, and Explosions In The Sky – as they do to contemporary bands, like Cloakroom, Nothing, and Citizen.

Tour Dates:
7/18 – Hammonton, NJ – The DAV
7/19 – Pittsburgh, PA – Black Forge Coffee
7/20 – Rochester, NY – The Bug Jar
7/21 – Buffalo, NY – Sugar City
8/07- Syracuse, NY – Spark Art Space
8/08 – Lowell, MA – Uncharted
8/09 – New Haven, CT – Crunch House
8/10 – New Paltz, NY – Nacho House
8/17 – Philadelphia, PA – The Barbary
8/18 – Brooklyn, NY – Gold Sounds
8/18 – Boston, MA – O’Brien’s

Connect with the band:
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