U.K. rock band Muskets will be performing two album party shows in their home country later this week in support of their newly released record Chew, that’s out now on No Sleep Records. In celebration of the record’s release and parties, the band has released their single “Umbilical.”

“”Umbilical” is the last single from our debut record Chew. I wrote this song on an acoustic guitar in the early hours of the morning when I used to struggle with sleeping but we finished it collectively in a studio – messing around dynamics and structure to make a more sonically aggressive sound. I guess the lyrical content is about addiction, temptation and dependency and the process of disassociating yourself from reality. We created this video with the same director we’ve been working with through out our record campaign, Chris Wade (Dogbrain video’s) in the same Brighton studio we finalised the song in. It’s a pretty simple concept using a projector and a shit load of amps – we set out to recreate a similar aesthetic to the videos that bands we were inspired by growing up would release.” – Muskets

Muskets is a gritty, grungy rock band with hardcore influences from Brighton. Their new album Chew borrows the gritty-ness of Fugazi and mixes it with the energy of early At The Drive In while maintaining a sensitivity that’s all its own. The record musically documents the highs and lows of a time where bassist Dan Smith and guitarist/vocalist Alex Cheung were living in a squat-like party house and coming to terms with the reality of adulthood.

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