Handsome Young Ladies recently hit the studio for their covers record entitled We Got It Covered (we know, it’s clever).  For their studio tracking session, the band filmed a behind the scenes look at how they were able to crank out this banger of a record, which will be released on May 19th. From having a family life, playing iconic songs, and having the grandest of times, it can all be seen below. The record was recorded at Bluebrick Recordings with Producer/Drummer Jesse Sprinkle (Demon Hunter, Dead Poetic, Poor Old Lu) from December 2017 through March 2018 in Avon, NY.

Handsome Young Ladies commented on the video and recording process, “One thing I’ve always regretted was not having any studio footage from recording albums with any of my bands/projects in the past. Most of those projects were done at a time when having a video capabilities on your cell phone had not reached the capabilities of the present. Suffice it to say that all of this footage was taken with my smart phone and for that I’m grateful. This video has a nice balance of actual in-studio session recordings blended together with finished album mixes by Aaron Sprinkle.

This may go down as the most FUN studio recording I’ve ever made in my music career since 2000. Working and Playing with Jesse Sprinkle and his amazing sense of humor yet professional skill set on both musicianship and studio production made this Studio experience incredibly natural and almost effortless at times. I think it probably helped a lot that these songs were cover songs and allowed us to not think too hard about every detail imaginable given that the selections were all well-established radio favorites in the past. As far as mixing the record goes… ‘We Got It Covered’ is the very first Full-Length Album made together by The Sprinkle Bros. Jesse Sprinkle’s excellent and fairly organic production mixed by Aaron Sprinkle (New Found Glory, Story of the Year, Anberlin) took the overall energy to the next level. I’m very proud of the way this record came out and look forward to making cover album #2 with them both in the near future.” – Sam Swanson

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Consisting of Chicago import Swanson (of Midwest Blue, Dormlife, and Boomjuice) on both guitar and vocals, bassist Anthony Carvalho (of Red Letter Statement and Praxia) and studio producer Jesse Sprinkle (of Poor Old Lu, Demon Hunter, Dead Poetic, and Bluebrick Recordings) on drums and back up vocals, H.Y.L. has decades of experience in both the regional and national music scenes, as well as the recording industry.

The band specializes in clubs, bars, and private events including weddings, birthdays, and corporate parties, but make no mistake, they come to rock as if they’re playing arenas. Imagine the rhythm section of Nirvana fronted by Elvis Costello playing cover songs and you’re on the right track.

With a large dose of alt-rock energy and loads of rock n roll swagger, Handsome Young Ladies’ upcoming album ‘WE GOT IT COVERED’ features spirited renditions and entirely new takes on classics from the likes of Queen, Sade, Earth Wind & Fire, Madonna, Sade and many more.

We Got It Covered Credits:

Recorded & Engineered by: Jesse Sprinkle

Mixed and Mastered by: Aaron Sprinkle

Sam Swanson: Vocals, Guitars, Keys

Jesse Sprinkle: Drums, Percussion, Back-Up Vocals

Anthony Carvalho: Bass

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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