We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Nest Egg’s music video for their song “DMTIV” (watch it below). The track is taken from the band’s latest album Nothingness Is Not a Curse, which is available now through Fuzz Club. You can purchase it here.

About the band:

Nest Egg are a three-piece from Asheville, North Carolina who describe their head-heavy and kosmische psych-rock wig-outs as ‘mood music for nihilists’ – propelling a bleak minimalism with a relentless motorik punch. Back in April this year the band released their mind-bending sophomore album Nothingness Is Not A Curse – a head-heavy dose of kraut-punk that tunnels it’s way deep into your psyche.

The visuals capture the band’s kinetic live show beneath a throbbing strobe light that flashes uncontrollably whilst soundtracked by the pulsing repetitive rhythms of the track itself, making for an immersive yet at times uncomfortable audio-visual experience. This is certainly not one for those with an aversion to flashing images. In a similar ballpark to the likes of Moon Duo or Follakzoid, Nest Egg free-fall down an all-consuming rabbit-hole of cosmic repetition, tripped-out drones, swirling analogue electronics and biting guitars – managing to maintain the perfect balance between stripped-back minimalism and psychedelic exploration.

Nest Egg is the brainchild of Harvey leisure (guitar/vocals), Ross Gentry (bass/keys) and Thom Nguyen (drums). Formed back in 2011, the band have built up a formidable reputation in the US underground since – one that established with their debut LP Respectable and confirmed beyond-question with their latest album.

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