What makes a band iconic? Is New Found Glory an icon? That is debatable, but the quintet achieved a high level of success and arguably helped lead its genre during the early 2000s, so Universal Music has included the pop-punk act in its Icon compilation series, which seeks to collect the greatest hits from some of the biggest acts in music, offering them at a low price point.

New Found Glory’s 11 tracks are a seemingly randomly assorted collection of all the obvious singles spanning 2001-2006 — cuts like “My Friends Over You,” “Hit or Miss” (self-titled version) and head-on collection — with the exception of “Ex-Miss” replaced with “Better Off Dead.” It’s not a bad collection of songs, but one has to wonder whether or not there is a purpose to the collection at all.

The CD packaging is barebones, with the track list appearing on both the front and back covers, and each of those covers with a different retrospective photo of the band. But the insides are completely blank save for the track list (yes, again) and some basic credits. The disc itself features the generic art of the series. And so it’s hard not to think that this series might have been a good idea back in the band’s heyday, but in an era of digital tracks for a $1 a pop, there’s really nothing to justify the purchase of such a barebones collection of old material. (Bill Jones)

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