New Found Glory or the self-titled record by New Found Glory released by MCA and is 20 Years old. The syrup sweet, near flawless pop record is almost able to drink legally. Although, would it? It’s the nice guy of albums and would mow your parent’s lawn if it had thumbs, or legs.

At 20, this album stands up as a great marker in history. New Found Glory made such a good album at a time when the mainstream was adopting punk as pop music. It’s a complete thought. They weren’t shy about feelings and talking about feelings in song. The apparent, somewhat sensitive nature of Jordan Pundik is brave in retrospect. “Hit Or Miss” definitely hit and the rest is history for this Warped Tour veterans. They weren’t the first to be emo or take a good boy approach, but they’re some of the best.

The self-titled New Found Glory is so heartfelt, give them credit for a bunch of too tough punks admitting they had feelings and hearts that could be hurt and broken. Go back, put on track one and play it through — The Cure may have been a soundtrack to broken hearts, New Found Glory is the soundtrack to getting over it.


Joshua Maranhas is a Denver based writer and photographer born in New Bedford, Massachusetts. He specializes in 1990s hardcore, post-hardcore, and future punk rock.

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