Here are five new albums you should check out this week!

Titus Andronicus – “Just Like Ringing A Bell”

Album: An Obelisk (Merge Records)

Beloved Brooklyn punk quartet Titus Andronicus are back with a brand new full length album: An Obelisk comes out today on Merge Records. “Just Like Ringing a Bell” is a single on the album that sounds like if Bruce Springsteen had a cool, younger punk nephew.

Telethon – “Loser / That Old Private Hell”

Album: Hard Pop (Take This To Heart Records)

Telethon are an absolutely delightful midwestern rock band. “Loser / That Old Private Hell” has fun guitar licks and piano that give some parts of it a Meat Loaf rocker vibe, while other parts have a pop punk sound  in the same vein as Bomb! The Music Industry. It’s a combination you wouldn’t expect to click, but it does, and it’s awesome.

Fruit Bats – “Ocean”

Album: Gold Past Life (Merge Records)

“Ocean” is an earnest, mellow track from Fruit Bats, the pseudonym of singer/songwriter Eric D. Johnson. Press play and relax for a bit. Then pick up their new record, Gold Past Life, which is out today on Merge Records.

Hatchie – “Without A Blush”

Album: Keepsake (Double Double Whammy Records)

If you need some catchy dream pop to start your weekend, look no further: Australian artist Hatchie has got you covered. With modern sounds folded into the nostalgia of 80’s pop, “Without A Blush” is a pure pop gem that will take you into another world.

Russian Girlfriends – “Coke”

Album: In the Parlance of Our Times (A-F Records)

Russian Girlfriends, an A-F Records band hailing from the American Southwest, pack a lot of heat into just over a minute with “Coke.” The track is the opener to an album loaded to the brim with fast, dirty, punk jams.



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