Here are ten new releases you should be listening to this week!

He Is Legend – “Boogiewoman”

Album: White Bat (Spinefarm Records)

He Is Legend blew up during the early 2000’s metalcore explosion when they released their I Am Hollywood LP. The album was full of spazzy, chaotic, hard-hitting bangers. Now, five albums later, the band are releasing White Bat. This iteration of He Is Legend is less spazzy, a bit more controlled, but every bit as hard-hitting as their material from over a decade ago.

Comrades – “Cliff Dwelling”

Album: For We Are Not Yet, We Are Only Becoming (Facedown Records)

When Comrades first started back in 2010, they were largely an instrumental band with occasional clean or dirty vocals. Now they’re using vocals more frequently, but this adds to rather than takes away from the beautiful instrumentation for which the prog rock band is known.

Pelican – “Cold Hope”

Album: Nighttime Stories (Southern Lord Records)

The instrumental metal band are back with their first album in six years and the sixth studio album in their 18 year career. The Chicago group’s new music is just as hard, technically proficient, and interesting as everything they’ve done in the past.

Palehound – “Aaron”

Album: Black Friday (Polyvinyl Records)

Boston indie darlings Palehound released album number three on Polyvinyl Records today. “Aaron” is an emotional, powerful track off of Black Friday, and is a perfect song to ring in the summer.

Mannequin Pussy – “Who You Are”

Album: Patience (Epitaph Records)

It is absolutely insane how much good music is coming out of Philadelphia right now. Add Mannequin Pussy to the long list of incredible bands to emerge from this flourishing scene in recent years. The group’s third album, Patience, is out today, and the single “Who You Are” is the kind of poppy, emotional, Philly punk song that has made so many people fall in love with this band.

Cave In – “All Illusion”

Album: Final Transmission (Hydra Head Records)

Final Transmission is a great album, but the story behind Cave In’s latest release is somber. Shortly after bassist Caleb Scofield recorded the bass tracks for six of the eight songs on the record, he was killed in an auto accident. Half of the proceeds from the sales of Final Transmission will go to Scofield’s wife and children.

Enthroned – “Silent Redemption”

Album: Cold Black Suns (Season of Mist Records)

Black metal fans have been waiting five years for a new Enthroned album. The Belgium group are finally putting out new music, having partnered with Season of Mist Records to release Cold Black Suns. “Silent Redemption”  is a single off the new album that packs a lot of different twist and turns in the span of a little over six minutes.

Drowse – “Between Fence Posts”

Album: Light Mirror (The Flesner Records)

Perhaps there has never been a group whose band name fits their music more than Drowse; a sleepy, lo-fi band from Portland. The ambient sounds on “Between Fence Posts” have a dreamy feel that is quite relaxing.

Plague Vendor – “Prism”

Album: By Night (Epitaph Records)

Be sure to put on your dancing shoes before listening to this song. Plague Vendor are a groovy rock ‘n’ roll band, and “Prism,” a single off their new album By Night, is an absolute party banger. Seriously, this song will rock your socks right off.

French Vanilla – “All The Time”

Album: How Am I Not Myself (Fail Safe Audio Recording)

“All The Time” is a funky track off of French Vanilla’s new album, How Am I Not Myself? The saxophone  plays back and forth with the rest of the band, which makes for both a really catchy and interesting song.


John Silva is a writer based out of Indianapolis who loves pro wrestling almost as much as he loves music. You can follow him on Twitter @hawkeyesilva.

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