Here are five new albums you should check out this week!

Microwave – “DIAWB”

Album: Death Is A Warm Blanket (Pure Noise Records)

Atlanta rock quartet Microwave just put out their third studio record. The alternative rock sound on this record is a different direction for the band whose previous albums were more closely tied to emo. But the raw energy that captured their fans’ attention with their past two releases is sure to bring them back for Death Is A Warm Blanket.

Chelsea Wolfe – “The Mother Road”

Album: Birth of Violence (Sargent House Records)

Chelsea Wolfe is a fascinating artist who takes a gothic approach to folk music. Sargent House records, Wolfe’s home since 2015, put out her newest album Birth of Violence, and the opening track ,”The Mother Road,” has a build-up that is immensely satisfying.

Harbor Lights – “From Virtue (Sacrament)”

Album: Isolation Ritual (Deathwish Records)

“From Virtue (Sacrament),” a track from Massachusetts post-rock group Harbor Lights’ new album Isolation Ritual, is a gentle, layered song that is quite soothing to the ear. But Isolation Ritual covers the full range with songs that are dark and heavy complimenting the softer tracks.

Cloud Rat – “Keep Flies”

Album: Do Not Let Me Live Off The Cliff (Artoffact Records)

Cloud Rat’s lofi distant sound on “Keep Flies” will put listeners in a trance. The Michigan-based band has such a cool energy about them, and they are undeniably interesting.

The Paranoyds – “Girlfriend Degree”

Album: Carnage Bargain (Suicide Squeeze Records)

The Paranoyds are a catchy four-piece from L.A. They blend gritty garage rock with a bit of pop to create a sound that could fill an arena or a small rock club. Absolutely delightful.


John Silva is a writer based out of Indianapolis who loves pro wrestling almost as much as he loves music. You can follow him on Twitter @hawkeyesilva.

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