Here are five new records you should check out this week!

Chastity Belt – “Ann’s Jam”

Album: Chastity Belt (Hardly Art Records)

Chastity Belt’s self titled album is the fourth LP from the Seattle band. “Ann’s Jam” is a great, stripped-down, indie rock song that is both relaxing and riveting.

Cult of Luna – “Lay Your Head to Rest”

Album: A Dawn of Fear (Metal Blade Records)

Cult of Luna are the kind of slow, drudgy metal band whose songs keep building and building, until they explode into auditory ecstasy. “Lay Your Head to Rest,” a track from the band’s new record A Dawn of Fear, is exactly that type of song, providing an epic journey that lasts a little over six minutes.

Vivian Girls – “Sick”

Album:  Memory (Polyvinyl Records)

With dreamy vocals over short, high-energy pop songs, Vivian Girls are a delight. On songs like “Sick,” that are barely over two minutes long, they are able to pack in a lot of cool material.

Monolord – “The Last Leaf” 

Album: No Comfort (Relapse Records)

Swedish sludge trio Monolord’s new album No Comfort just came out on Relapse Records. The group has a bit of a classic Sabbath sound with guitar grooves that spiral all around you.

Snow Burial – “Burn Down the Crown”

Album: Ostrava (Prosthetic Records)

If you need party music for a bunch of metalheads, check out “Burn Down the Crown,” a track from Snow Burial’s new album Ostrava. The song has riffs for days balanced out with some heavy, sludge parts.


John Silva is a writer based out of Indianapolis who loves pro wrestling almost as much as he loves music. You can follow him on Twitter @hawkeyesilva.

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