We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of The New ResistANTs’ new music video for their song “Onny Swar” (watch it below). The track is taken from the band’s sophomore EP The Right To Remain Violent, which was released on October 20, 2016. You can purchase the EP on iTunes.

The video was inspired by a blend of two literature sources; the first being a short story called “The Tenant”  about an older gentleman who is forced to live a solitary existence in his nondescript apartment building due to misunderstanding and misplaced fears.  The second influence stems from the urban legend of “The Hatted Man,” a nightmarish figure who appears to us in our sleep and causes a form of sleep paralysis.  The Hatted Man in the video occupies an area somewhat in between the two, menacing and dark, but seemingly non-threatening, a “boogeyman” who likes to “boogie.” Investigation of the lyrics shines light on the theme, “honit soit qui mal y pense” – NYC bastardized to “Onny Swar” – is a quote from King Henry VIII which in French means “shame on those who think bad of it.” The Hatted Man in the video who, at first, seems a haunt, ends up in a cemetery paying respects to a fallen loved one; proving more human, pure and good than our original impression of him.

Bassist and vocalist Erik Kops explains, “Nothing is ever what it seems. The creepy old man down the hall may be a war hero and a lonely widower… the homeless person on your block may be a former Wall Street big shot… the barista at your silly coffee shop could be the city’s next biggest threat. Misunderstandings and misconceptions are a waste of time. Engage people and get to know them; be open to their stories and their life situations. Trust no one, but leave yourself the chance to should they be worthy of it.”

The video was directed by Erik Kops with special thanks to contribution from Leslie Kenney Photography. Filmed in Manhattan, the video also features sections of Trinity Church Cemetery.

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