Ahead of release of prolific doom duo The Body’s 20th anniversary release on Oct. 11th, the duo have released fellow Providence-affiliate Container’s acid-tinged remix of “Ten Times A Day Every Day A Stranger,” which finds the programmer focusing in on the visceral, noisy textures at the start of the track, reconfiguring vocal samples of Kristin Hayter (Lingua Ignota), strings and bass into pounding jackhammer rhythms.

On being able to remix for The Body, Container (Ren Schofield) said:
“For me, it was a pleasure and an honor to do a remix for Lee and The Body, and I thank them for the opportunity. In 2016 when they played at Aurora in Providence, doing a mostly (if not entirely) electronic set, an alienated former fan yelled “You used to be real!” in genuine anger as his girlfriend led him away, inconsolable over the bands new direction. This man was a fool, as The Body — clearly — could never be anything but real.”


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