The Newest Noise for Your Listening Pleasure! | By Nicholas Senior

Dead Bars
Regulars | May 3 | A-F Records
RIYL: “Freaks and Geeks.” Good covers of “Wonderwall.” Watching, waiting, commiserating.

Photo by Paul Silver

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“You’re all sick freaks!” vocalist John Maiello shouts on “Freaks,” the wild and wonderful opening track of Dead Bars’ recently-released gem, Regulars. Reveling in a world where they don’t fit in, Dead Bars’ latest is a love letter to letting your freak-flag fly and throwing a party for likeminded souls. “Regulars is about me, it’s about you, and it’s about being in Dead Bars,” Maiello shares. “It’s about being somebody and nobody all at the same time. It’s about drinking more than all of your coworkers but drinking less than all your drinking buddies. It’s about never being normal enough to have a career and never being punk enough to have a mohawk.”

That attitude translates into Regulars’ sound, which is some of the most intriguing, engaging, and—what really matters—fucking fun punk rock in recent memory. Imagine garage punk filtered through a ’90s alt-rock, grunge, and power pop lens. What this means in practice is big, boisterous riffs and bring-the-house-down huge vocal hooks. There’s a timeless edge to many of Maiello’s melodies, and that’s totally on purpose. “We are absolutely a punk rock band, but sometimes, I sincerely try to write songs that sound like the Eagles or Oasis,” he admits. We already have Eagles Of Death Metal, so why not embrace the Eagles Of Garage Punk? Whatever you label them, Dead Bars are the surest bet for a weird and wonderful time—with no actual “Wonderwall” covers to slow you down!

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