The Newest Noise for Your Listening Pleasure! | By Nicholas Senior

Monterrey, Mexico
Queremos Ver el Mundo Arder | May 24 | Drunken Sailor Records
RIYL: Pink. Punk. Pride.


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Heterofobia means exactly what you think it does, and this Mexican band brazenly blow through any and all preconceptions of what queercore punk should be. Queremos Ver el Mundo Arder—which translates to We Want To See the World Burn en inglés—is a fiery, ferocious album. It’s unapologetic in its indictment of humanity’s ugliness, yet it’s not closed off. There’s a strong sense of community and empathy embedded in these 10 post-punk rallying cries. Heterofobia’s style is as sharp-edged as their message, with a frenetic, guttural hardcore aggression propelling the lo-fi fuzz that only adds to Queremos Ver el Mundo Arder’s sonic ferocity. Thematically, the quartet aim to highlight the injustice and oppressive forces that pervade the world around them and raze that motherfucker to the ground. “[It’s] important to talk about what my community has to go through and make our presence visible in the punk scene,” vocalist Dani Álvarez relays, “especially in a really homophobic, misogynist, and conservative city.” This unabashed honesty only augments the listening experience, resulting in an audacious, ambitious release worthy of a punk pride parade—after all, the first Pride was a riot.

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