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The Offering
Home | Aug. 2 | REDMUSIC & Century Media

RIYL: Charles Darwin. “Timeless.” Rob fucking Halford.

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Home is a truly exceptional album, let alone a freaking debut, from the most promising new metal band around. The Offering’s take on metal feels both ancient and advanced, like the best aspects of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal made more extreme yet impossibly catchy. Elements of thrash, death, groove, power, prog, metalcore, and even black metal can be heard, but there’s a massive dose of first-wave theatricality that recalls Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. Home is that extremely rare offering with both widespread appeal and mouthwatering talent, so fans can have their shred cake and headbang while they try to eat it too. “Even though the band is ‘new,’ we’re all 26 years old and have spent ample time listening to music of all genres, honing our musical proficiency, and most importantly, living a lot of life asking the important questions as we’ve pursued this dream,” guitarist Nishad George says. “The aim of this album was to put those cumulative experiences into one work of art, because great records always have a great personal statement woven into them.” That personal touch imbues Home with an introspective look at self-worth, spirituality, and mental illness. It’s an album of the times that will stand the test of time.

Top photo by Joshua West

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