The Newest Noise for Your Listening Pleasure!| By Nicholas Senior | Photo by Audrey Pierce

Secret Shame
Asheville, North Carolina
Dark Synthetics | Sept. 6 | Portrayal Of Guilt
RIYL: Conquering turmoil. Spoopy things. “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night.”

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Secret Shame have crafted the type of record that transports the listener to a different place every time they listen. The transcendent grace and beauty of these songs—and their dark undercurrents, of course—grow more lovely with each spin.

Dark Synthetics is like a house party in a mausoleum—a really lively gathering, if you will. “If you know of any such parties, invite us please,” bassist Matthew jokes. “We’ll be the ones scowling in the corner, refusing to have fun. It’s (mostly) an aesthetic.”

It’s that sense of humor and silliness that help make Secret Shame’s gothy post-punk and darkwave tunes feel accessible. Plus, few records in the past few years have been such a sonic joy to absorb. Its playfulness pairs very well with lyrics that suggest that, maybe, not everything is OK. As vocalist Lena notes, “We wanted to create something that we’d be excited to listen to, that’d outlive us, that’d capture a turmoil that, while specific to us, could resonate with anyone who has felt the struggle of waking up to face the world. I think the confidence is because this is literally what we were feeling, what we were going through. We wanted to create the sonic equivalent to spiraling out of control.”

It’s impossible to overstate how good Dark Synthetics is, a must-listen for fans of anything dark, melodic, or haunted. Come spiral out of control with Secret Shame.

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