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So Sensitive
Brooklyn, New York
Bedroom Drama | Aug. 2 | Soft Boy Songs

RIYL: Crying. Empathy. Synths.

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Bedroom Drama is both curious and genius. Kira Clark and Keith McGraw used to be the dark doom-rock act Muscle And Marrow before a creative spark ignited into this pyrotechnic display of discomfiting, subversive synthpop. So Sensitive are elevated camp, reveling in the majesty of bubblegum bombast yet stacked with sonic density and deceptively complex, conflicting ideas. “We were on tour, and I was feeling a little bit isolated per usual,” Clark notes. “I really did struggle a little bit in the scene that we found ourselves in. It was hard touring in the middle of the country and feeling like the spaces were certainly not welcoming to women. We were in the van, and I think we were listening to Mariah Carey or something like that, and I just had this realization that I could, if I wanted, try to make music that sounded like what I so often liked to listen to, that there was nothing really stopping me—except not being a pop genius like her, of course.” Clark’s being coy, as “Lipstick” may be the single catchiest pop song in years. “I was interested in the collision of those two things, a world in which a song feels familiar structurally and melodically but lyrically unsettling,” Clark continues. “Music can make you feel good and surprise you. You can move your body to something that also makes you a little uncomfortable.” There’s little if any discomfort once Bedroom Drama fully sinks in—unless you’re paying attention to the lyrics, of course.

Top photo taken by Ashlyn Hubenak / edited by Cam Perkins

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