The Newest Noise for Your Listening Pleasure! | By Nicholas Senior

Long Beach, California
Energy Gone Wrong | July 19 | MVD Entertainment Group

RIYL: Kinetic. Thermal. Electromagnetic.

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Spider stand out among the typical The New What Next fare despite being fiercely DIY. For one, vocalist Hector Martinez not only went to law school but also attained his LL.M. in intellectual property law. Second, Spider aren’t a new band, merely a happenstance resurrection of one you absolutely should know—whether you know you knew them before this very moment or not. Spider play a very SoCal version of frenetic punk, though they love Black Flag so much that they cover “Depression” as they storm the beach with this, ahem, energetic EP. It’s a huge credit that not only do they nail the cover, the other two songs on Energy Gone Wrong may be even better than the L.A. hardcore classic. Thematically, the record revolves around the idea of how energy can go haywire and how to course correct. “I like to let the lyrics speak for themselves, and I try not to deconstruct anything too much,” Martinez states, “but themes of existentialism are usually heavy and in the forefront. I was a philosophy major in college, so that stuff is always floating around in the back of my mind and informs my creative side. I wanted to talk about embracing the power to create under the specter of death. I want to destroy myths, and I want to have fun!”

Top photo by Jose Corona

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